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2019 : Morvan as PGD/MV (Past Inside the Present) shop

2018 : Orients (Consouling Sounds) shop

2013 : A Fabric of Beliefs (Denovali Records) shop

2012 : Sorcery/Geography (Humanist Records) shop



EP/Single pieces

2014 : Pisces Analogue (Denovali Records) Split with Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones) shop

2013 : Un tissu de mensonges (Denovali Records) (D-Side of A Fabric of Beliefs - vinyl-only piece)

2012 : Winter Light Burns (FeedbackLoop)


Early works compilation

2010 : Scrawls #01


2020 : 2 commissions for dance pieces - more info tba

2014 : Rites de Saône (Commande Grame, Centre National de Création Musicale / Biennale Musiques en Scène, Soutien Grand Lyon, Métropole Créative / Site-specific music along the river Saône)

2012 : Invited by Kubilai Khan Investigations Dance Company, Opéra de Toulon (live collaboration)

2011 : In Vivo (Collectif Sonar / Music for audiovisual installation & performance)

2011 : Trisha Brown I'm going to toss my arms - if you catch them, they're yours, editing for Alvin Curran's original score (sound design by Luca Spagnoletti) - Premiere at Théâtre de Chaillot, Paris.

2010 : April 135 (Mikrokosm for Extra Nuits Sonores 2010 / Music for audiovisual performance)


Appearances on SaffronKeira's Synecdoche (Denovali), AUN's Fiat Lux (Cyclic Law), Attilio Novellino's A Conscious Effort (Midiria Records) as well as remixes for Oiseaux-Tempête (Subrosa), Northumbria (Altar of Waste), Trésors (Desire), Silent Whale Becomes a Dream (Arbouse), EUS, Chris Garneau and others.

- Ongoing live improvisation duet with Pierre Georges Desenfant (aka Blackthread). 

- Sideman, midwife and producer for others artists.

- Sextant, solo improv project with drums & electronics.




Collaborators, contributors, friends - Thank you :


Benoît Bel - additional mixing, post-production and acoustic recordings for Sorcery/Geograpy and A Fabric of Beliefs. Analog synthesizer, recording, mixing and mastering for Un Tissu de Mensonge. Mixing for Oiseaux-Tempête remix.

Johannes Buff - Sound engineering.


Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones : sound material for Pisces Analogue.


Pierre Georges Desenfant (aka Blackthread) - We perform live electronic improvisation as a duet known as


Léo Dumont - Percussions on A Fabric of Beliefs (4 & 9).


Lawrence English - Mastering for Sorcery/Geography and A Fabric of Beliefs.


Christopher Honeyman - Double bass on Sorcery/Geography (1, 2, 8 & 9).

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Mastering for PGD/MV's Morvan.

Gaël Loison - Mastering for Pisces Analogue, help for additional recording on Orients (8).


Nicolas Mary - Bassoon on A Fabric of Beliefs (5).

Matthieu Metzger - Lead sopranino saxophone on Orients (8).

Sarah Meyohas - Cover art of Orients courtesy of Sarah Meyohas, from her Speculations series.

Pierre-Loup Mollard - Tenor saxophone on Sorcery/Geography (1, 4 & 9) and A Fabric of Beliefs (9).


Sylvia Monnier - Analogue synthesizer and effects on Un Tissu de Mensonges.


Fabien Mysak - Percussions on Sorcery/Geography (1) and A Fabric of Beliefs (3, 5, 7 & 9). Editing on A Fabric of Beliefs (9). Late night bassline assistance on A Fabric of Beliefs (7). Analog synthesizer, effects and cymbal on Un Tissu de Mensonges. Percussions and additional synthesizer on Orients (1), additional synthesizer on Orients (3, 6), drums on Orients (5).


Michaël Mysak - Additional recordings for Sorcery/Geography and A Fabric of Beliefs. Additional bass and mastering for Winter Light Burns and a few remixes. Mixing and co-production for Pisces Analogue. Mixing and co-production for Orients.

Frédéric D. Oberland & Nicolas Laferrerie (Medecine Music) -
Electric alto saxophones, additional percussions and recording on A Fabric of Beliefs (5).

James Plotkin - Mastering for Orients.


Clément Rhétorie - Mastering for Scrawls #01. Analog synthesizer on Scrawls #01 (13). Additional acoustic guitars on A Fabric of Beliefs (4).


Leonardo Rosado - Artwork for Winter Light Burns.


Alvina von Rhein - Layout & artwork for Sorcery/Geography & A Fabric of Beliefs.

Krystian Sarrau - Baritone, tenor, alto & soprano saxophones on Orients (8).

Dehn Sora - Layout for Orients.


Alain Vonck - Photographs for Sorcery/Geography (model : Jennifer Labarre).