Back from tour, split release

©christophe mevel

Back from tour ! We'd like to thank everyone who came to the shows on the european tour as well as the music loving promoters who had us in their cities. And thanks a lot to our great touring partners, Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones, felt lucky to enjoy their show every night. All pics here.

As you might have heard, there is a Dale Cooper Quartet / Witxes split being released at the end of the month by Denovali (a few lucky ones got the cd version on tour). 20 minutes of new music by Witxes based on "Nourrain Quinquet" by DC4 and 20 minutes of new music by DC4 based on "The Apparel" by yours truly. There will be copies available from our bandcamp as well as from DC4 and Denovali distributors.

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